Wine and cheese pairing: DELI Divine

(C) 2009 DELI Divine
Similar to the theory that “red wine goes with with meat and white wine with fish”, an old adage of wine and cheese pairing is that “red wines go with hard cheeses and white wines go with soft cheeses”.  But just as there are exceptions to the  “red wine with meat” rule, there are exceptions to the “cheese rule”.  Even the experts can’t agree on any absolutes in this wine and cheese pairing game.

And their is another complication.  Cheese and wine are constantly changing due to aging, vintage and processing techniques.  So our own judgements must be  a guide through this maze of matching uncertainty.

The matching affinity between most wines and cheeses allows a match to work most of the time.  But experimentation offers us the chance to get that ‘perfect match’, the ideal pairing for each Treeton Estate vintage, at the time of bottle opening.

To help us with the experimentation, we have paired up with DELI Divine in in the Crossways Shopping Centre, Subiaco (behind the Post Office on Rokeby Road).  This gourmet delicatessen is the brian-child of Michael Donald and Yvette Jones. It offers a range of the finest gourmet meats (natural and smoked), cheese (local and imported) and antipasto products and a selection of the most delicious and decadent preserves, cooking ingredients and accompaniments that you are ever likely to see.

Specialising in ‘cheese from the wheel’, DELI Divine stocks cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s millk and buffalo milk varieties.  A reputation for good advice and an enticing range  has made the shop a favorite destination for cheese-lovers.

To create a balance and harmony with our wines, we will be working with Michael and Yvette to bring you those ‘something different’ cheeses to perfectly pair with your 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon or the about-to-be-released 2009 Chenin Blanc.

John Simmonds