Our climate

(C) 2007 Emma HogbinThe climate of the Margaret River wine region is maritime influenced and is classified as Mediterranean, with cool wet winters and hot dry summers.

Treeton Estate experiences its hottest weather in February with March being the driest. April and May provide the first significant rains with effective rainfall in some years continuing up until late December.

This climate is ideal in producing high quality dry table wines. The growing season extends from October to April with harvesting occurring from February/March for the whites and March/April for the reds.

The local climate at Treeton Estate is classified ‘cool climate’ – a result of its location within the very small area of topographically higher land in the Margaret River wine region. By comparison with warmer climate regions, cool climate regions are characterised by production of higher quality grapes with lower per hectare yields.

The property is situated in a low frost-risk zone due to its elevation and ridge position, resulting in cold air run-off and the clearing of early morning cold air by prevailing winds. No frost has been experienced on the property.