Ewes milk blue cheese paired with Chenin Blanc

Preparing a casual Saturday dinner for friends, we tasted Meredith Dairy ewes milk blue cheese, walnut and slices of pear with a glass of Treeton Estate 2009 Chenin Blanc.

While commonly paired with sweeter dessert wines, this beautiful Australian cheese is a perfect match with the passionfruit and pineapple finish of Treeton Estate’s bright, and highly-polished wine.

This hand made soft blue cheese is matured in controlled conditions and offers exquisite earthy but mild blue mould flavours reminiscent of the French Roquefort cheese.

Meredith Dairy (Victoria) is an award-winning on-farm family enterprise, milking year round and processing a large range of specialty Cheeses.

Meredith cheeses are brought into Western Australia by DELI Divine and sold through their outlets in Subiaco, Claremont and Kingsley.