Clean and green approach to winemaking

Many wine-lovers find that they can enjoy Treeton Estate wines without the headaches and hayfever-like reactions that they find with some other wines.

David McGowan, our vigneron and winemaker, uses a combination of clean, green, traditional techniques and modern advances to hand craft his wines using sulphur as the only antioxidant preservative.

David’s philosophy and approach to winemaking is to grow premium fruit and then to allow grape quality and terroir to define the character of his wines.  Using optimum vineyard management and a scrupulously clean and cool processing environment removes the need for additives.

Specially designed pruning and foliage management techniques, natural fertilisers and early use of low concentration sulphur sprays, control the development of natural yeasts and fungus.  David thereby limits the need for other control techniques, while still producing first-rate fruit.

Modern machine harvesters are used as they are clean and fast, allowing the fruit to be picked at or before sunrise while the grapes are still cool from the cold night air.

David pays close attention to using tanks and equipment which are meticulously  cleaned and where temperatures are tightly controlled.

After fermentation is complete, the wines are first treated with naturally-occurring clay (bentonite) to remove unwanted grape proteins. Inorganic compounds such as tartrates are then removed by reducing the temperature of the wine to below zero.  Modern filtration techniques are used to polish the wine without risking the introduction of contaminants.

No milk, egg, fish, nut or animal products are used in Treeton Estate’s wine production process – avoiding the risks of allergic reaction that these products can create for some individuals.

This clean, green approach could be the reason that many people find they can enjoy Treeton Estate wines without allergenic after effects.